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Hello friends! I want to share an amazing styled shoot organized by Dani Bee Weddings at the breathtaking Villa Catalana Cellars in Oregon. Despite the sweltering heat, every aspect of this shoot was simply stunning. I wanted to give my hot take on what to expect from content days and styled shoots, and how to […]

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As I took a picture of my iced cortado perched on the edge of my workstation at Narrative coffee, I thought someday I will write about how I like my work days more than I like my stay-at-home-mom-days. And then I opened up a word doc and started to write. Side note: Laz, if you […]

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I fell in love with wedding videography at my first wedding. Let me set the scene: it’s 2013, I’m fresh out of film school, I’ve decided to move home because Hollywood wasn’t the life for me, my friend has a nice camera and he’s visiting me for a week. My other friend is getting married, […]

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Oh, the things I love about Bellingham, let me count the ways. It’s my favorite place we’ve ever lived. And, dare I say it, it’s my favorite place to do an engagement session. There are no bad places to do a shoot. From downtown Fairhaven to the beaches to all the random fields and hiking […]

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I’m not sure how I feel about the word “rebrand”. I’m my brand, aren’t I? Let’s call it branding. Let’s call it what it is: figuring out who I am in my business and getting a brand to match that. When I started my business 7+ years ago, I created my own logo, and figured […]

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So…I threw myself a first birthday party.

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The opportunity as a New York wedding photographer to shoot a Central Park engagement completed that dream for me.

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Behind every small business is a creative trying to balance life and their love for their customers.

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