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Olympic Rooftop Pavilion Wedding

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Every couple wants their wedding day to be enchanting and memorable. The perfect venue–like the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion–can set the tone for your wedding and make your big day everything you’ve ever dreamt of. You may have seen that Tik Tok or Reel floating around that showed how important a venue can be to your day. After all, your venue is going to be in almost every single one of your photos. Making sure it’s one that you love, that has great lighting, and is accessible for your guests is important.

Seattle boasts of many awe-inspiring venues that will make your wedding the perfect experience.

Olympic Rooftop Pavilion Wedding

Weddings are personal and should represent the couple’s unique journey as a couple. The Olympic Rooftop Pavilion offers a beautiful intimate spot for weddings and allows your guests to have a one-stop experience for the whole day from getting ready through send-off. With Seattle’s idyllic skyline as the backdrop, the pavilion is nestled in Ballard, giving you the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and capture moments from the city.

Wedding Video on Super 8mm

One of the incredible aspects of this particular wedding was the Super 8mm film footage that brought a nostalgic feel. It was one of the first weddings I got to try Super 8 and it couldn’t have gone better!

The vintage look can bring your highlight film to life, creating a timeless, charming tone that is nostalgic and intimate. Whether you are planning an elopement or grand ceremony, having a videographer capture your wedding can help you relive every emotion, and help you reminisce the little moments that may be missed otherwise.

Finding the Perfect Planner

Alex at Willow and Ivy Events’ creativity is exceptional. The venue’s décor is flawless, the florals are gorgeous, and everything works together effortlessly to create a natural, timeless vibe. The simplicity of the wedding’s design allowed the couple’s personalities to shine through. Such a fun, laid-back couple shared their day with their closest friends and family, focusing solely on having a great time.

Knowing if you want a planner, designer, coordinator can be difficult. Sometimes, it comes down to budget or what you need from the person. If you are looking for someone to handle most of your planning, then a planner or designer is better suited for that as they can create and execute an entire vision. If all you need is someone to take the reigns day-of, then a coordinator may be the best fit. Willow and Ivy Events’ team provided both!

Trust Your Vendors

Finding vendors you can trust is a pivotal aspect of your wedding planning. Vendors are the people who will bring your wedding vision to life, so it’s essential to invest time into selecting ones that understand your style, share your vision, and demonstrate a proven track record of reliability and excellence. Look for vendors with positive reviews, testimonials, and a solid portfolio of previous events. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, and always ensure open lines of communication. Once you have a team of vendors you trust, you can sit back and enjoy your day, confident in the knowledge that each detail is being handled by a professional.

The Olympic Rooftop Pavilion offers a perfect venue that is intimate and stunning. Willow and Ivy Events’ expertise fused with the couple’s uniqueness brought their wedding to life. Choosing the perfect wedding venue may be overwhelming, but it is vital that it perfectly complements your personality and style. Whether you choose a classic option like the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion or a different wedding venue in Seattle, you are sure to have an unforgettable day.


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