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After attending film school, I fell into weddings the way one falls in love. After 9+ years in the industry, it's still one of my favorite places to be.

If I'm not shooting, you can find me listening to jazz on a drive through the mountains, sipping wine at a local bistro, or curled up reading with my kiddo. 

Featured in Oregon Wedding Day and Washington Wedding Day, you can also find my work consistently updated on Instagram.

My two favorite stories: One about a boy and a girl who met in a bookstore, friends at first who talked about the Seven Samurai film by Kurosawa and its impact on modern stories and culture. They fell in love over craft beers and books and a love for nature. 

Another story about a boy fresh home from Vietnam, going to a friend's wedding and within 5 minutes of arriving, getting a girl in his lap and a kiss. Sticking around, traveling on the weekends, getting engaged after 6 months. Over 50 years together. 

These stories are mine and my parents and they're my favorites because I think the most important stories are our own. 

I want to give you a preservation of your story so that it's not just a memory but something concrete you can hold in your hands, that you can replay for years to come.

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