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Heart Behind Ridgewood Films | Bellingham Family Session

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Behind every small business is a creative trying to balance life and their love for their customers. My days are filled with reading books, playing games, and going on walks to entertain my toddler. His naps help me get work done, and after work I hang out with my husband and then sneak off to edit. I’ve always liked to be busy so this schedule works for me, and in the off seasons, I even get to hang out with the boys on weekends! haha

I know that being a wedding videographer and photographer in Bellingham is a privilege and allows me so much freedom in other areas of my life. Plus, I’ve enjoyed the creative process even more since having a baby. Getting to go out into the world, hang out with grown ups and capture their love stories has become even more precious to me since having my own kid.

Here is the heart behind my work, my family! Taken by Samantha McFarlen.


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