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Every couple wants their wedding day to be enchanting and memorable. The perfect venue–like the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion–can set the tone for your wedding and make your big day everything you’ve ever dreamt of. You may have seen that Tik Tok or Reel floating around that showed how important a venue can be to your […]

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Planning your dream wedding is an exhilarating experience, but it comes with a price tag. Whether you’re envisioning an intimate affair or a lavish celebration, crafting a wedding budget is the essential first step to turning your dreams into reality. I’ll take you through the process of creating a wedding budget tailored to all ranges, […]

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I fell in love with wedding videography at my first wedding. Let me set the scene: it’s 2013, I’m fresh out of film school, I’ve decided to move home because Hollywood wasn’t the life for me, my friend has a nice camera and he’s visiting me for a week. My other friend is getting married, […]

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