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Connect with your client through a professionally made video that showcases who you are.

Brand Films

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Brand photos are one thing, but having a brand film to put on the homepage of your website to showcase who you are, not just in your business but on a day-to-day basis will help clients connect with you!

Let's be honest, WE are our brand, people buy our product, but really they're buying into us. Video helps build that trust, show your face in movement and allows clients to connect with you.

It won't be stiff, we'll do as many takes as you need, and then I'll edit it together so that it feels natural and like YOU. 

You have a story to tell.

The Film Process

We can show off your personality, either in a studio or otherwise. Maybe you're quiet and want to show yourself on a walk or reading a book, or maybe you love to dance around! We'll show it off.

Alicia with Tonie Christine

I can follow you around on a shoot to show off what it looks and feels like to be in front of your camera! Couple this with some interviews talking about your business and it's a full package.

Caylie Mash Photography

Signature Work —


Videos for large or small businesses start at 425/hour
This includes a highlight film. Raw footage for branding films is available for an extra fee.
Photos for large or small businesses start at 350/hour.


ready for more?

I definitely can, and we can talk about this on our consult call to see what you're in need of!


Do you include stills or photo as well?


When we do an onboarding call, we will chat about locations, feel, storyboard type stuff so that when we get to the day of, we're all sorted out! Typically, though, I'm up for doing two-three locations.


How many locations can we do?


Not a question but a lot of people are nervous. A lot of you will be used to trying to get something right in one take in front of your cell phone, but that's not the case for brand films! You can make mistakes, ramble, do a bunch of takes until you feel good about it. It's my job to edit it together so that you love it!


I'm bad in front of the camera!


I offer a lot I can't show either because of space, or because the businesses have asked me not to! First step is to reach out and i'll let you know what is possible.


I want something I don't see on your website. What do you offer?





I can’t wait to meet you. 

A first look at my work, the work that lives rent-free in my memory. As a Washington wedding videographer and photographer, I love to showcase new photos and videos!

With a touch of all things personal, too. 

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